January 8th, 2002



Okay. Its a cute idea. The servers a little unreliable and I'm getting sick of seeing error messages so often. If it doesn't improve, I'll go back to my own website.

I've already lost one post...

bleah - is it always this bad?

I wrote something about being sick, and does the fact I've applied for a disabled parking permit mean I've given up.

I was supposed to go out the other night, but i piked cos I was feeling sick, made another date for friday to make up for it. Mmm...stanley kubrick box set on dvd...

I find myself less interested in writing the sort of personal stuff I did on my website here - but also striving to write something meaningful, rather than frivilous, no-one wants to read 'wot I did on my holidays'

Maybe I should go back to playing civ III its slow but fun.

frog frog frog frog.

I keep trying to use vi commands but they don't seem to work here...

Going to market tonite - still having trouble finding the perfect gift for megan. After devil bunny I dont think a giant miffy head is appropriate.

Has anyone seen those little sand, rock garden trays you can by at the moment, they come with a little rake so you can make patterns, I just keep thinking what my kittens would do with it.

Skitch caught a mouse last night, and then Ophelia
got interested, and it was a bit of a battle for who got the mouse. Why can't they play with them outside...