January 10th, 2002


exo endo

so somehow i'm sitting here involved in a conversation about ovaries, pap smears and latin terminology.

ick, crossed legs, and ice cream scoops

more booze i say!

Today's been interesting, so was last night, much running around the night market, and purchasing pixie boots with bells, and heat packs, where you click a little button causing a chemical reaction which heats them up.

Today involved all sorts of things, including more hair dye, to cover the icky dye that didn't work yesterday, and a rather nice gossip with friends. Sometimes its nice to have a good natured bitch.

Change, fate and karma. Is a positive outlook enough to make things better?

Getting rapidly bored of web personality tests, some were amusing for awhile, but like most things, once its overdone its getting a bit boring...

I need a ancient worlds identifing thingys, for spotting con orgs in a crowd, i keep thinking laurel wreaths, but want other ideas...

Wouldn't be nice if everything was good and everyone would be nice to ppl.