February 4th, 2002


Once apon a time

Yeah okay - so I haven't written for ages, my excuse is it was Arcanacon then i spent a week enrolling students which meant no web access, and boring mind numbingly dull work.

Arcanacon was kind of fun, played some good games, won a couple of trophies, spent no-where near enought time socialising, and had to be on good behaviour - bleah.

Doppleganger was kind of fun.

This week, well recently I've been preparing a Vampire the Dark Ages game for some friends, its a long time since I did non con gaming, i got bored with campaign gaming so gave it up, but i'm willing to try again.

So I'm setting up a campaign game set in Milan in 1440. Lots of preparation and background work and having fun with history research.
http://vurt.net/~hobbes/darkages/ for some info on the game.

I've decided what i really want is to go back to uni and study arts some more - Melb Uni has some great history courses, now i just have to convince my boss to pay for them - one of the perks of working for a uni, of course said boss wants me to do comp sci or engineering...but we'll see if i can talk him around to arts subjects.

Serious conversation scheduled for tonite - followed by dinner at Ongs and Jay and Silent Bob's movie thingy - should be fun, the movie that is. I spent last nights watching Mall Rats and Clerks to prepare for a new Kevin Smith extravaganza.

Word for the day is orgestrated (now if only i could spell it)