February 13th, 2002


(no subject)

I got woken up this morning by any sms at 8am - it was a rather cute message - but the dream i was having that incorperated the sms beep beep into it - that was rather scary and icky...

It's suprising how unpopular a 'non couples'
event on Valentines Day can be.

Usually I ignore hallmark holidays - but other ppl around me dont seem to be.

I wanna go camping in the mountains - I wanna go to the beach - i wanna have a real summer...

bleah I say.

Instead I'm sitting around bored at work - testing machines and occasionally letting out the magic smoke.

Player wanted

Oh - and I am looking for another player
for my dark ages vampire campaign due to one of the players pulling out for time reasons. Anyone wanna play? Would prefer a girl, because there are not enough girl roleplayers, but will take either gender provided they are enthusiastic and willing to show up reliably. Info on the game is on my website - and it is planned to only be a short game - 6-8 sessions, with the potential for further adventures if ppl are havng fun.