February 17th, 2002



I managed to accidently buy a dvd player this weekend. I never meant to, it just happened.

The story starts when i saw an advurt - commercial telly is evil, JB having a big sale, and a really cheap dvd player offered $169. I mentioned this to mikey while we were in the city - I wanted to buy shiny new art supplies, which never happened (damn webpage for deans art had the opening time wrong :() Mike goes oh - maybe i'll buy one for my parents - such a nice boy he is. Of course the store was sold out of the cheap ones, but i found another cheap chinese jobbie called a Nintaus, which actually had some very nice features, plays everything dvd,vcd,mp3 etc etc, is multizone and also strips out macrovision (shh). I'm am very happy with this new toy. It means I can start borrowing non region 4 things from friends -and also not be bothered with the annoying macrovision problem i've been havng, given i have an old teev and an old vcr - and everything has to go through the vcr...

so oops - I brought a dvd player....

This weekend was actually a pretty good one. Had that wonderful day of pain free movement - well until it got all cold and rainy. Watching soppy vids 'Its a Wonderful Life' on friday evening - and being all weepy, including said friend who never cries in movies.

Saturday I got to see a house auction from the inside, that was interesting... followed by silly amounts of hair dying, trying to get a friends hair a normal colour before their big job interview on tuesday, gone from a loverly vibrant blue, to bleached blond, to an icky pooey brown.

Then I got to go to the zoo. We were heading to an engagement party in Werribee, so I figured this was an excellent opportunity to go to the Victorian Open Ranges Zoo - www.zoo.org.au which happens to be in werribee. It was great, saw zebras and hippos, and antelope and emus and ostridges and huge giraffes and all sorts of things - you go on this bus safari ride through the zoo, getting quite close to some of the animals :) Got some great photo's.

Oh - and the party was quite fun too, got to talk to some ppl i don't see very often at all.

Sunday was the above mentioned shopping, more hair dye, and vids and dvd's. I got to the see the Late Show (best of on dvd) it rocked! muchly and lots!

like a tiger!

I get a lot of jokes now...