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Hobbes' Journal
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Monday, February 18th, 2002

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Today sucks....

I've got a very good friend from interstate coming to visit me - and i
can't get monday off work cos of international students enrollments i
have to do...

bleah i had to do enrollements last time said friend came to visit

this sucks - on top of everything else - this week really sucks so

When will something start going right for me...


bleghness - i spent sometime last nite making julians puter go - I think i was at least partially successful....if you call making windows go sucess, which i don't think is but anyway... I was vaguely feeling proud of that - i guess morgan did teach me something good about hardware... Now i just need julian to tell me it still doesn't work...
not that interesting.
I did however get a payrise today. Well - its an increment thing - uni slaries work on a scale - hew 4, hew 5 hew 6 etc - and in each level there is increments....what does this mean - I may notice a extra couple of dollars in my pay packet and the tax man takes even more- kind of unexciting really...

Although my performance review was quite glowing, I think this means that the ppl i work with just expect very little - i'm wondering how bad I'd have to be to get a less enthusiastic review...

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