February 25th, 2002



So I went camping this weekend. It was kind of interesting. Very pretty location. A bit tense - but i'm not sure the crowd meshed well.

Lots of montainy rainforesty bits with very tall straight trees

and a very very cold mountain stream.

And a rather cool biker bar in the little town near by

I was a bit nervous about the whole new car down a dirt road thingy. Also - I drove along the black sdur being a rather windy mountain type road. I was pretty nervous about that - but figured doing it was a good way to get over that nervousness
so i did.

Now I'm in a weird mind state. I'm not sure where my brain is at, but my finger nails are a mess which is a strong indication i'm stressed about something. And stress is bad cos it makes arthritis worse...

So i need to sort out my head. sort out what i want, and what i can have..and go for it.