March 6th, 2002


All sorts of things for all sorts of people

Live journal has been shitting me alot lately. I mean i like reading everyone elses posts and all sorts of things, and the comments. But it can be soo painfully slow at times, when it's not timing out, or not findable, which is far far too often. Over 50% of the time i get a timed out or other not working message. And I know I'm sitting on one of the best internet connections in australia.

Does everyone else have this problem?

Although looking at some of the error messages I'm guessing some major maintanence work is being done on the servers

Now the other thing this does - is i want to comment on a whole pile of posts - and due to the lag, and time outs and the fact i have to work occasionally at work - I haven't done so.

So here's some comments in the wrong place.

Delve - please email me at, I don't have your email address and I want to talk about arthritis with you.

Gadge - You rock, come visit me at uni between a class or too

Qamar - good luck, you go girl and hopefully see you in Melbourne at some stage

Canberra People - I intend to come visit in March at some stage.

Madigrrl - Good luck and Uni, and trust me - the mature age students were always more interesting than the younger ones, and said far more interesting things in tutorials too :)

Everyone that said happy things about my blood tests results - Thanks so much. I love you guys and i will personally give you all drinks at some stage. Except gadge - he owes me a drink :)

buffybot is funny

I made a whole new lab - 32 PC's all brand new and installed and everything is happy. It's actually a pretty good feeling of achievement - We also have a brand new linux lab as well - which is something I've been pushing for 2 years now. Of course the downside to my new lab - is now there are students in it again - so i have to start talking to them again

busy busy busy week.

although the Vampire - Dark Ages game i was about to start running this week isn;t happening - due to one player dropping out and another moving to canberra - so it's on hold til I round up another player or two.