March 11th, 2002


its today

And today it is - is labour day - thats a public holiday for everyone except me - cos i work for a uni. I don't mind much though.

Its been a brillantly sunny weekend

And I went to the beach, which i've wanted to forever so long. And then we went to the park, and then I got to give rabbit a funky present, and then i went to the moomba fireworks (which rocked) and then firetwirling and then the moomba festival. And that was just saturday :)

Saw a way funky play on Friday - and then much talking and socialising and stuff afterwards :) and sunday was a combination of video day, hair dye and games day. And I won the games *does a little julian dance*

And i'm at work today - but just had a wonderful japanese lunch. And am planning the next few weeks. Going to Canberra hopefully Thursday week.
COnquest is easter weekend - and i have the week after that off as well.

currently life is good TM