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Hobbes' Journal
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Tuesday, March 19th, 2002

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Buffy last night disturned me... It was claver twist - and I didn't see it coming....

It was vaguely scary in a disturbing way and i wanted some one to hug - but i was to lazy (read sleepy) to leave the house and go watch it elsewhere. I wish it was on in an earlier time slot...

Have many many things to do - a new journada to play with and many things to plan

ANd i go to canberra tomorrow. The scary bit is that my dad wants somewhere to say while he does the plonk market - this means the wine grapes market in footscray. And i have a spare room. So I've been bullied in to letting him stay there...

I'm hoping it doesn't disrupt my life to much - I explained to mum I wanted rent for the room - and she agreed - after all i have been ranting out the room and it is for around 6 weeks. But dad got a bit annoyed when i mentioned rent - so i'll just keep quiet for now - and hope it doesn't disrupt things over conquest

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