March 26th, 2002


(no subject)

Went to canberra - had much fun, saw many ppl, helped kate and morgan
have a garage sales - now the proud owner of far too many books and a
nintendo - owe morgan my first born child.

Brought a fluffy jumper, a pin strip waist coat, stripy socks and a
funky bangle - showed minor restraint and didn't spend $200
on a funky tailored jacket

Actually - its a strange thing - I had lots of fun, but still didn't do anywhere near the amount of stuff I wanted to do.

I had all these serious type conversations planned and all sorts of things - but failed to get around to them - it seems more a weekend for fluff rather than seriousness. Also I was tired alot of the time - which makes me grumpier..which is not good.

One annoying thing about travelling - is not having your own time - you are staying at others houses and having to be sociable - when you are staying on someone elses floor - its hard to lock yourslef in aroom and read.

However it was wonderful to catch up with ppl and chat and spend time with ppl.

and that in the end is the important thing - I'll save the seriousness for another time. It was a strangely emotional weekend for a variety of reasons - and i think that in part helped to avoid anything serious....