April 8th, 2002


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Hmmm....its awhile since I posted

And I'm in the middle of writing a review of conquest for aus.games.roleplay but hey

Its been an interesting couple of weeks - I've kept pretty busy and relaxed and not thinking about things to much - although I'm guessing now that distractions (of the very nice sort) have left I'll have to start thinking again and I'm not sure where that will lead.

I went to Wilsons Prom last week - and that was great - did the drive down there and sleep in car thingy. Got to go swimming - was quite cold at first but then wetsuit did its magic and things got really fun. There is something that makes one feel really alive about surf beachs and waves moving and crashing over your head and pushing you around - i love it - it was great. There was some climbing over rocks that was much fun until a large wave got me in the back - then it was soggy :)

I even went on a little walk - that was good. This strange enviroment where the styles kept changing from grassland, toi scrub to heath to rainforest... seriously trippy. And some amazing views of mountains.

I've been thinking lots lately - and there is all sorts of emotional things going on in my head - and I'm vaguely suprised by my reluctance to write them down, especially given how open and explicit I was just writing on my webpage.

I see other journals that go into so much depth and personal stuff - and I feel bad that I don't feel I can write alot of stuff here

I wonder if I'm hiding from others or hiding from myself

Strange things - l;ike friends breaking up, friends from overseas calling - friends going overseas - ppl around me with weird and wonderful exciting things happpening in their lives - and me thinking that being able to go on a walking trail and swimming at the beach count as great achievements and exciting things.

As you can tell - I'm back at work and kind of bored

The Con was good.