April 9th, 2002


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So what a day its started out to be.

So on the tram this morning i met an old friend I hadn't seen since uni really. Okay - this guy was part of a group I was quite friendly with in my first and second years at uni - and so we did the whole its been ages and what have you been doing and all that. Then another friend from that time also got on the same tram and all three of us talked.

It's interesting - when I meet an old high school friend it comes down to having nothing to say really. My life is so vastly different then to what it is now. However the old uni friend we still had plenty to say. I guess thats because the people we all knew in common are still around and still members of our social group in parts.

Shrug - I dont really know why - it wasn't really that akward - it took me a minute or two to remeber names but thats about it.

One comment that was made - was that he had a bit of trouble recognising me - and that was because i still look mostly like i did - i don't appear to have changed much - unlike alot of ppl....

I'm not sure how true that is..

But anyway - all around me ppl are buying houses and getting married and all sorts of scary grown up shite. And I'm beginning to wonder if either I did something wrong, or if I really should start getting my act together - and have savings and nice things and all.

I mean I'm still broke at the end of the week. I spend a fair bit on food and toys and travelling
and maybe I shouldn't be being so indulgent - maybe I should be saving up a house deposit or something.

By toys I mean books, dvd's and occasional lego.

BOunce - I brought a lego trainset on sunday - I'm rather bouncey about that - now I want some ppl to come over and play lego with me :) I need to build a town and scenery to go with the trainset - and i need more base boards...

but anyway - thats a tangent. I brought a car last year - that was pretty exciting - admittedly the nice ppl at the bank gave me the money to buy the car - and now i have to give it back. And I have a credit card and that sort of adult stuff.

But the idea of putting enough money aside to save up for buying a house seems a bit out of my reach at the moment.

Do I need an investment fund, and shares and savings and all that - am I being silly by not having them...do i need to grow up that much.

I'm paying alot of rent at the moment - but that is buy choice.... I'm toying with the idea of advertising my spare room a bit more widely and a bit more urgently - to give me a bit more spare cash, which maybe i could save.

I know I dont earn nearly as much as alot of my peers - again thats because I work for a uni, and get paid crap. Maybe I will have to hope this new job happens - that would give me a little extra spending money. BUt then would i spend it or save it.

I need to finish paying off my credit card - that shouldn't be too hard - I'm toying with the idea of getting rid of it, but its a nice little safety net that i dont think i want to dispose off... Maybe I should just pay it off and drop the credit limit a little.

Shrug - this is a long angsty thing about money - when it was meant to be a long thing about growing up and if I've missed something somewhere along the way....