April 11th, 2002


thoughts on the queen mum's funeral

This was written in response to a post from someone about the sadness surrounding the queen's
mothers funeral, and various other sadness things.

Actually the reports I've been hearing have all been rather positive -
ie mood at funeral good, focussed on positive aspects of her life
etc. I mean she had a good innings, she enjoyed life and now i guess
if you are christian she is heading off to enjoy her rewards in the
afterlife etc.

My great grandmother is a year older than the queen mother - they
share the same birthday tho - and my greatgrandmother being english
has always done the royal family thing - like the whole hanging on til
she turned 100 to get her letter from the queen and all.

Anyway - with the sameness in age to the queens mum - i always
believed the two of them would die at the same time...*shrug* this
doesn't appear to have happened - but as such I've being paying more
attention to the queen mum thing then I usually would to royal family

My great grandmother is old, she's in a nursing home, she can hardly
see or hear - and her quality of life is not what one would describe
as good. That said - we've been told that its her last christmas for
the past 20 years or so. She's a surviver - when she was 60 she had
nasty cancer judged inoperable - and was sent home with three weeks to
live. Its been a very long three weeks.

That said when she dies - its not going to be a suprise, and in some
ways it will be a blessing. I'm a big fan of what you believe in
being real for you, so she will go to the heaven she believes in.
She's had a long life. She is living history and facinating to talk
to, it will be sad, because there are all those stories I haven't
heard yet, and she is the only one who can tell them. But I for one
hope that when she dies her funeral will be a celebration of her life.


One of these days i want to have a house i own - and i want several
things in it

these include a funky garden - and excellent kitchen - i like
breakfast bars and i like the whole table/bench thingy in the middles
of the kitchen with bits around it.

I also want a library with comfy couchs and many book cases :)

Also I think I want a lego room :) - Which could prolly double as a
games room. I'm thinking benchs around the edge of the room and a
large table in the middle of the room - and it could be used for
laying out huge lego sculptures, but also for things like big jigsaws,
a games table for big games and sewing and stuff like that.
What's brought this on - I'm currently building a big town to go
around the new lego trainset i brought - the main problem with this
bold plan is i don't really have the space to layout that much stuff -
aside from the lounge room floor. I've done huge lego scenes before -
at gore st my goal was to build lego land in my back shed.

When I was in Canberra I went house hunting with mikey - it was
interesting looking at different houses for sale and playing the what
would i do with that space, one of the houses had this huge work shop
studio out the back that could have been so much fun.

Shrug - at the moment I'd be happy with a big empty space top layou
out my lego and have it not in the way...