April 13th, 2002


i need a word

I've decided to say *touch wood* that I'm getting better - thats my plan anyway :)

So I need to re-describe my disease

It's not 'severe arthiritis' anymore
its less severe.... its not mild...maybe
its medium... *shrug*

anyway i need a good descriptive word to
say its not as severe as it has been

I get so much joy over being able to walk
with less pain, I even ran to catch a tram
yesterday. I look at the lift going into work
and climb the stairs proudly instead

I so hope i keep getting better - it great to feel happy and enthusiasm for life again, its great to want new and exciting adventures and challenges and not be so worried about being able to sick to face them.

Last year was my first experience at capital D depressing, and i didn't enjoy it one bit.

I like to be a happy perky person - it still takes a lot of effort, but i can look around and feel its achievable again.