April 16th, 2002



Some ppl call them stealers of souls, some ppl hate having them taken, others reveal in front of the camera, others drop there pants.

I've got heaps of photo's. More recently most of them seem to be of animals and places and things rather than ppl, thats prolly cos i take photo's while travelling.

And why some of them a great photo's, its the photo's of ppl that are the memories.

Now my favourite digital camera just moved to canberra, I can borrow works digital camera, but i got used to playing with a really good camera, and so i just know that saving up and buying a camera is on the list of things to do.

I've been trying to collect a group of photo's of me, for a sort of vanity thing on my website, but mainly for a few friends who want to see, specially those overseas *waves at skud*

But i have so few photo's of myself, I guess thats because I tend to be the one behind the camera. That said if anyone does have nice pics of me, I'd like a copy please.

Things I really want that i don't have pics of are - me with the long black/blue hair extensions, photo's of my frocked up for clubbing/parties. Nice photos and photo's of me with friends looking happy :)

Vanity aside

Last nites musical buffy was good :) I'd heard the music before, but it seemed quite different with the pictures :)