April 18th, 2002


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its nice when something you say makes a difference - I posted awhile ago to a newsgroup and a mailing lst about how an add on telly says something like 3% of australians donate blood.
and how i can't but i really want to, and maybe encouraging other ppl who can would be a good thing

and in the past few months several people have posted back to the groups saying they have donated blood

Now I guess i really can't take credit for something others have done - and who really knows what their reasons for donating blood were - but given i started the initial threads it's nice to believe they were influenced by my posts :)

I can't donate blood for lots and lots of reasons.
And various other methods of community service are also out - due to this stupid disease, but i do want to volunteer my time to something worthwhile.

I used to want to join army reserves - but i obviously wouldn't pass the medical anymore...


In yesterdays OHS training one of the finishing comments was this course is useless if you now don't go of and apply it at work, home and in your life...I guess i can do that.

Also - I do vurt.net and con org stuff - but thats stuff for the roleplaying community, one of my communities - sometimes i want to do stuff for the wider community..

I had an arguement about true altruism and whether it was a concievable concept or not. I recall me saying I believed you could, with others denying this..

I know i can be a selfish person at times, but i also had to develop that and i believe everyone needs to be a little selfish or they spend all their time giving and have nothing left for them.

But I also know i want to do something for others