April 22nd, 2002


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So I went to Marysville this weekend. A friend is setting up a B&B down there and the idea was to go help with some work, like gardening and all, and spend a bit of time playing.

Excellent food and company, it was also lots of fun doing the garden, and i even got to play with a whipper snipper!!

I took a smeg load of photo's - some rather arty ones and i plan to photoshop and edit alot of them - i need pics for a website advertising the B&B - but it's also fun to be playing with photoshop again.

Saw the funkiest mushrooms. They were red with white spots - just like in kids picture books, apparently they don't grow every year - but twhen they do its means its going to be a very cold winter. Personally I found the cluster that looked most like a circle and stood in the middle of it, wishing the faeries would open a portal to another world. Nat told me off for this, but when i challenged asking who wouldn't take the opportunity to explore a brave new world, she didn't really have an answer.

We drove up a mountain! Lake Mountain to be precise, and then went on a walk to the summit. It was 1433m (maybe - i've got a photo) After a glorious walk through scrubland and ghostgums and mountain ash through this mist we found the survey market on the summit of the mountain - and I have a photo of me there! I don't think i've ever stood on the very top of a mountain before. It was just the most amazing feeling - I danced around, and then we selected rocks and jess told a great story about coming full circle. Something about a stone cutter who wanted to improve himself so he became a merchant and this was good, and then he wanted to be a prince and it goes on until he comes back to be a stone cutter again - i can tell the full story iffen anyone wants.

Then we went back to the Biker Bar 'In Nuetral' in Marysville and sat on comfy couchs around an open fire and i discovered just how nice franjelico's in hot chocolate can be :)

I also got to buy some very cheap books from an op shop :)

So all in all it was pretty close to perfect weekend :)

That said I've been so much in love with life at the moment - the sheer joy of doing things is almost overpowering at the moment. It's the whole getting better and being able to move without fear, and look at me picking up rocks and making a border around a garden. The most mundane things are fantastic. It's been an awfully long time since I've felt this way.

I remember some years ago being told i was so high I needed to ground myself - fate provided with arather nasty injury, and its only now i feel, I'm really recovering and getting back to that person I used to be. Part of me keeps whispering calm down, relax, don';t get so excited, and part of my just wants to fly.

I know it would prolly be pretty easy for me to overdo things - so i do have to be careful. Nat did a rune stone reading thingy for me. And the stones kept telling me to be patient, not rush things and good things will come.

My .sig at the moment reads 'I tried being patient, but it took too long'

I'm beginning to think its time for me to change my .sig, as soon as I find a quote that reflects how i feel.

I deserve some happiness - and its so nice to feel happy and alive again :)

I want a teleport device

I want a teleport device - damn far too many ppl in my life i want to see - and that involves far too much travelling
And I want new corsetry thats in sydney.
And I want to see ppl, and hug ppl and all sorts of goodness.

ANd I need a teleport device - so i can get anywhere with no fuss bother money and or time off.

At least with the ones interstate its easier to see them occasionally. The ones overseas iits getting a lot bloody harder.

So we need to build a transport - with flashy lights, tacky 70's special FX and dangley wires - i think the dangley wires are important.

Big wonderful prizes and eternal gratitude to whoever builds me one. I'd promise my first born child, but i think morgan and aveline are already going to fight over that...

Thats and heaps of richs they would make from building such a device!

And the stones told me to be patient - bah humbug