April 23rd, 2002



I wrote this on acg in a thread about melbourne and life

I danced in a fountain one day

It was in the city square and I slipped
and broke my jaw - it was very painful for a long time.

That city square isn't there anymore, but that accident
hasn't stopped me playing in fountains.

I love my city. This was reinforced the other day as i drove over the
Bolte Bridge (i ignored any paying for it shittylink rants)
and just revelled in the view.

You have this wonderful view of the city skyline on one side - and
on the other the lights of the docklands and footscray, all industrial zone
looking very bladerunnerish

ANd i remember that i have a friend coming to visit and i have
to take the time to show them why I love my city.

I used to have a walk, from fitzroy or richmond, through Fitzroy
gardens, over the foot bridge near the MCG, through kings domain and the
botanical gardens up to the Shrine (who wants to come to an ANZAC service
with me on thursday?) and then off around the art's precinct to the city.

There is something about walking through Melbourne at nite - sometimes
with a light rain, but with the pretty lights and an amazing vibe
is why i love my city.

Firetwirling on the arts centre lawn,, checking out whatever exhibition
is on in the arts centre this week. Playing in the gardens, finding
something new exiciting and interesting to look at and wonder at.

And that walk - its not one i've done for a long time
and i think i have to again.

Everynow and then its good to remind myself why