April 24th, 2002


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Mikey challenged me to find a new trend and i sort of did - okay - so i stole the idea from skud - but she wont mind :)

This whole friend test thing is kind of amusing :)
I screwed up the scoring on mine - so the first few ppl that did it proly would have got lower scores than they prolly should have. That said I got the bugs out and am still quite interested
in the answers ppl are giving.

Why do ppl keeping picking me for the empress on the tarot question? I don't understand. I figured most ppl would guess the fool wrongly because that seems more right.

My plan is to write my reasoning behind my answers soon and start a new test :)

Mikey complained that the test was too vague, and not a good judge of how well ppl knew me, because it relied to much on some info ppl don't have - in his case Alice and Tarot :) So I'll try for a closer indicator next time :)

Oh - and who the fuck is 'brandt'?


Life on the other hand continues to be good.
Especially when i stop thinking about the future and concentrate on the joys of the present.

Got the sweetest little bedtime message last nite that made me feel all gooey :)

Also saw a seriously fucked up movie - The Royal Tennanbaums it was called, however I'm not sure if I liked it or not.

Still got no-one to come to the Anzac service with, but i have at least one maybe I can call if no other prospects present themselves :)

Had a good talk with Megan, and gave her a present which made her happy - and making megan's happy is a very important thing :)

All my players said yes and it looks like my dark ages game will start tomorrow nite! woohoo! maybe my faith in campaign gaming can be restored (that said i should go finish writing it today :)

Family is in town - will prolly get to see mother at some point.

money problems are bad - but i'm trying not to think about them and sort them out in least painful way

Have a team for the ACG Treasure hunt

All in all - life is good

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I'm craving hot chocolate with lots of froth and a shot of frangelico's :)

I'm fact i think I'll sell my soul to the first person to buy me a bottle of frangelico's :)