April 27th, 2002


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Hey - I have a new favourite drink. Hot Chocolate and Contrieu :) I need a bottle of Frangelico's and a bottle of Contrieu (sp?) for my liquor cabinet (okay top of book shelf) I have some Contrieu left over from a party - but not much :)

Yesterday was interesting - went to ANZAC service - plan was not to go if it was rainy, but it was sunny when i left the house. SO we stood in the pouring rain near the shrine along with thousands of other ppl and listened to the service.

Then we rewarded ourselves with Hot Chocolate with alcahol and crepes in williamstown of all places. A rainy walk down the pier, a cloudly veiw of the city, good drink, good food and good company and another reminder that even in the cold rain I love my city.

Jai said awhile ago that the secret of happiness was being healthy, well fed and loved. And I liked the idea, it seems I'm getting closer to achieving that :), the getting healthier thing, some excellent food, the good company and love of friends :) Lets keep working on this goal.

I'm sitting upstairs at a different help desk than usual, more exposed to students than in my little office. I'm listening to the Buffy soundtrack, and every now and then a student will notice it and smile :)

Last nite was good friends and gaming, and a wonderful arrival of an Aveline, staying in my house, and being roped in at the last minute to play an NPC.

I'm kind of happy with the way things are at the moment. Still kind of lonely, still having bad days and insecurities, but all in all its looking up.

I think the difference with LJ compared to the Journal on my website, is the whole friends list thing tells me who my audience is, and makes me a lot more aware that I do have an audience, rather than pure self referential wanking.

Shrug - still confused, but happier. Lets see how things end up, don't stress just wait and see what happens and enjoy the moment