May 1st, 2002


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Okay - 22nd June is Winter Soltice, or Midwinter
Its a Saturday - so I have a party date
Midwinter party on 22nd of June - keep it free.
More details when i get organised

Hmm...Party on Monday nite .. yup - I got shamefully drunk... I didn't actually intend to get that drunk, but i should be aware that once i start mixing drinks i'm screwed. That said I had a great time, a number of fantastic conversations, a few misunderstandings cleared up, and some hugs and tears, but good tears, happy tears.

And a reinforced appreiciation for my wonderful friends

Neverwhere on video - confusion abounds

Trip to Canberra planned - roadtrip to see Madi's play, dates 1st of June, basically term ends on the Friday - so i can't go earlier - I'm thinking leave on the Friday night, arrive in canberra at o god o clock. see play saturday nite, and come home monday. And hopefully go horse riding at some point :)

Now I just have to remember who expressed interest in roadtripping it.

Today's mood is vague. Yesterday was rest, and i re-arranged my lounge room.

I know have offical parking at work! I'm paying something like $22 a fortnite for it - but thats still cheaper than paying for tram tickets

Flue vaccinations at work tomorrow