May 2nd, 2002


Cat rego

So I need to register my kittens - okay - so i need to renew their registration being a yearly thing.

My little Jumble poohead lost his collar the other night, thus also loosing his ID tag and bell.

Now Skitch Kitten is microchipped and Jumble isn't. So I've decided I should get Jumble microchipped, given he is running around without a collar until I buy him a new one meaning he has no ID. That said I'll get him a new collar sometime in the next two days - So its more for if/when he looses his collar again.

Microchipping for cats - Lort Smith Animal Hospital $45.90, Carlton Vet Clinic $49.50, Lost Dogs Home $16.50 and you don;t need to make an appointment.

Guess where Jumble is going.

Also discovered - Its a free Australia wide service, which gives your cat or dog an ID tag that listed nationally, not just in your city council, so I've signed my kitties up and everyone else should to because its pretty funky and counts as an extra way of finding your kitties if they go missing.

So, Microchip in ear, council tag and pet register tag and bell on collar. My kitties collars are going to look like Thorfinn's belt, but my kitties will be safer.

As for me, Its Flue Injection Day, run by work, so we all have to wander downstairs at 11am and get jabbed in the staff room. I really should of gotten jabbed several weeks ago but hey.

Over the last 24hrs I've developed a sore throat, swollen glands and a slightly stuffy head, all symptoms indicating flu or cold is coming... I bloody hope I'm wrong, and i hope this injection isn't to late.

Oh - and 20% off Underwear at Best and Less in City Sale til Friday. Time to get some winter inderwear today :) See sometimes commercial advertising is useful.

So the only real question is black leather, tartan, glittery, red or what sort of colour collar for jumble?

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Crunchy M&Ms are weird

Got free stuff with flue shot. Little showbag containing tissues, pen, little sachets of coffee and tea (neither of which i want) m&m's and jelly beans and some weird powdered sutagen stuff...


Still feel kind of blah - not sure if related to injection. Wish to crawl up and snuggle under a soft doona. Instead working, taking kitty to get microchipped and then sewing

Book of the Week - Time Ships - by Stephen Baxter, written as a sequel to the Time Machine by H G Wells, and one of the few sequels out there worth reading.