May 3rd, 2002


Needles, trips and fishnets

Jumble got a new leather collar, black of course. That was a fun decision tho, so much choice. This was after getting a very big needle and a chip inserted in his back. I think he dealt better with the needle than getting a new collar put on.. I didn't deal too well with the needle. I'm not squirmish with needles myself, but get a bit edgy when it involved my kitties.

3 needles, a flue shot and a blood test for me, and one for jumble.

Plan - I have a plan. Leave Melb Friday 31st of May, see Madigrrls play on the 1st of June, and come back on the monday or tuesday. Have a Yes from barrington, gadge and Christina...the rest are all maybe's.... who else is interested?

Aside from that, reading news, mail, webstuff and occasionally answering questions, and having an rather nice flirty conversation via goofey :)
This morning was pretty busy so don't mind the
slackness of the afternoon.

Abyss tonite! And the most important question, what shall I wear, toying with the idea of corsetry and fishnets and funky hair

Maybe I'll call bored...