May 6th, 2002


frog frog frog frog

Well, what a weekend. I'm dreadfully sore and a sleepy and vague today. I'm sort of fluish, I've been sort of fluish for awhile now, since wednesday, its only kind of mild, and hasn't interferred with my life except for a vague sort of dizziness and runny nose. Did you know they combine sudafed and ibuprofen these days? :)

However its sore from exercise and doing stuff, not arthritis sore, and that sort of pain feels good to me :)

I got really nasty tummy cramps on friday nite, I'm blaming the iced chocolate I gotfrom Hudsons :(
But medication made it go away and Megan convinced me to come clubbing.

Abyss rocked, like really rocked, The music was great, the dj wars stchick worked really well. And the funkiest bit was absolutely everyone was there. What with the great sets and the knowing at least 3/4 of the ppl there it was a bit nostalgia trip like, just like old abyss at wall st. Recently I've known only a small percentage of the crowd, being many new faces in scene, but it seemed like all the old crowd and everyone else came out on friday.

I danced soo much...far too bloody much really... but damn it felt good. Also dressed up as a raver, with short skirt, black sheer top with blue flames on it, perky frizzed up hair in pony tails, and blue glittery make-up and BIG STOMPING boots! Raver Chyx R Us

Weird bit - going home from Abyss without a body to snuggle up to...this felt really weird and I realised how long its been since leaving a club with no one to go home with... I got a bit lonely for awhile, and a bit edgy, because I wanted to go home with someone - the thing is it was only a vague desire, I had no real or specific urges to pick someone up at the club, in fact there was almost a bit of a meat markety feel at abyss that i really didn't like. *shrug* I was suprised when Mike moved to canberra at how well I actually coped, I was expecting to miss him alot more than I did, there was no relationship there, just a rather close friendship and spending a fair bit of time together...but i never really missed him alot til friday nite...I sms'd him but the bastich never responded.

Saturday was Zoo with Cam, I've been meaning to catch up with him for ages, Nat and Amber also came to play, much Turkish food was brought and feast at the zoo ensued. Signed up 2 new FOTZ members, I'm on a mission to convert ppl :)
Excellent day. Minds remained in the gutter, much flirting, joking, bits of TMI, and definately a day for revelling in friendship and fun.

Due to the fact that the boys in Nat's household had all gone to canberra for Camarilla stuff, she had the house to herself, and so many ppl converged on Nat's house for games and conversation - so again, continueing the fun an friendship theme.

Sean taught me a Morris Dance, involved much skipping and waving of sticks, it was kind of fun, but fuck I am out of shape...

Games involved showing a whole new group of ppl the joy of great dalmuti, then with so many ppl dividing into a game of Cataan and a game of RoboRally. RoboRally proved much fun, I still suck at it, but there are ppl out there who want to play again.

You know there are times when you have a friend were its very easy to say some and snuggle, no sex, just snuggles and company, and this is a very fine thing to spend the night with someone for company, rather than any pressure

Sunday the temptation to sit on the couch all day and read comics was strong, but the weather beckons and after a phone call to Jess and expotition to Hanging Rock happened. A delightful bookshop/cafe, much climbing on rocks and discovering of crevases and hidden caves, and a dinner in a cafe with a fire place and some good books.

Things I didn't get to do this weekend. Say good bye to Kate and Morgan - pout - hugs and best wishes anyway you guys. Read comics, and do anywhere as much cleaning as i should have done.

Who knows where the future will take me, this weekend was an excellent example of living in the moment and seeking happiness.

There is a gig tonite in Brunswick, much poetry like goodness.

Some boys plan to go eat steak next saturday - and the prices are horrific...

now I'm rambling