May 7th, 2002


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Normal blood test results, normal blood test results!

waves them around frantically!

I"M GETTING BETTER!!! I'm getting better and this horrible disease is
going to run away cowering with its tail between its legs!

Who's up for going rollerblading?


A very excited Tiggrr!

Biggest thanks ever go to Christian and Vicky (my dr) for telling me I could get better. I took Christian's advice and it worked! and well...YAY ME!


I just posted sort of this in a responce to kate's post, but i figure it deserves its own post.

I'm getting better and I'm going to climb a mountain. I'm looking around me at all my friends, and all the changes and dreams and things that they are aiming for, and i'm not sick so i get to play too.

I'm going to get that web projects job I want, I'm going to organise people, I'm going to use my skills to the best of my ability, I'm going to write and draw and create something wonderful, I'm going to hold my friends dear and create new friendships, I'm going to find a house and a place were I am happy. I'm going to eat lots of brillant food, and stay healthy, and love and be loved. Thats the secret of happiness and thats my goal.

It's not really that hard to strive and succeed
at whatever you want to do, okay, it is bloody hard, but I figure the journey has to be worth it.

As Morgan said once, 'the only reason you walk down that road, is to find the ppl that walk down the road with you for a time'

I'm going to climb a mountain. As are an awful lot of other people here.

Who is going to meet me at the top?