May 8th, 2002


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Far too many comments from far too many friends both here and in various mailing lists and online communities.

I want to say thank you to everyone for good wishes and cheers and happiness. the only thing funkier than getting better is the fact i have friends that will share my joy and celebration (and damn good chocolate). I want to share
my happiness with the world - thank you for helping :)

This is were I should get all soppy and do the drunken 'i love yous alls' sort of thing....
but there has been a lot of that already - so I'll make a confession instead.

I've been watching bits of big brother...*gasp* I hear you all say - okay - so its horrid and exploitative and all that. But it is consensual...I'm vaguely beginning to get the hang of the game thing and game theory bits - i can't yet see the need for complete obsession and addiction to reality tv but hey. The bit that astounds me the most is what a huge multimedia cross promotion thing it is... Its got 47 tv shows a week, with constantly updated websites, a magazine, radio show, stupid amount of cross promotion in other commercials and tv shows and all, and even the silly comedy show on telly last nite was having live crosses to the 'Household' cos some drama was happening. That said I was on the phone, and it was amusing with the sound turned off trying to guess from the pictures.

Many phone calls last nite - some angsty - some not. But a whole pile of emotions being stirred up and a whole lot of good peoply connection stuff.

I'm currently listening to an mp3 of the original War of The Worlds radio play and it rocks.

Okay - what I'm really doing is procrastinating when i have a roleplaying game to prepare.

i tend to think it would be cool if martians would invade...

okay - lets play these extra options and so on that I've avoided cos I think they are twee.

Having dinner with friends to night and creating a website for a friends business

2 more sleeps!!!
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The plan as it stands is to see how many people I can convince to come rollerblading in st kilda this saturday afternoon.

If you don't own rollerblades I know this great place where you can hire some.

this should rock

who wants to come?