May 10th, 2002


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Updated roller blading plan

Meet at 2pm Saturday in front of luna Park in St Kilda. Have fun! lessons in 'how to stop' will be provided.

I'm having stupid amounts of fun at the moment - the emotions fluxuate a bit, but on the whole its good. A feeling of enthusiasm and hyperactivity that has been absent for quite some time.

It's reminding me most of the year I was 20, and the dreams and behavious of that time. It was the running wildly through parks and nite clubs and life, collasping in mad heaps of hugs and joy, friends around all being insane and wanting everything and more. Never leaving the house without full fishnet body stocking, and basing my life on that of Delerium in some ways. Being alive and in love with being me. Having mad parties, last minute demands of everyone dress up as fairies and meet at flinders st, and with 2 hours notice having 40 odd ppl show up, and in turn running through gardens and reading poetry and singing and getting high on life.

Admittedly we were all students or unemployed mostly, and so had a lot more free time, and it was the transition in the social group from most ppl being unemployed to most ppl being employed that was the big change. Once little Ben got a job, we knew that time was past.

But it's good to be reaching back to that time in many ways - I was very very happy then, there was nothing I couldn't do or dream, and a constant seeking for adventure and excitement and experience.

Sometimes I vaguely worry that maybe I'm back sliding, going back to something that I should have moved on from. But then again - how can a life that involved searching and seeking for newness and happiness be moving back. So its time to bounce bravely forward.

i keep having adventures, which is good because I think the weather this autumn is making up for the crapness that was this summer's weather. But other adventures lie in snuggling under blankets and watching new videos and reading new books and discovering more about my friends. YOu know the sort of conversation.

Bit of a tangent

My new car rocks. I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing - as in its expensive, and i have access to a perfectly good PT system, and do i really want to keep polluting the universe...

But when i was in hospital and having trouble moving, i weas convinced that i would need a car to remain independant. I got sick of always scamming rides from ppl, and of being dependant on others for rides, and not being able to leave or go when I wanted - only when the driver did. And not being able to go out unless i was garanteed a ride home.

Now i wizz around corners and explore bits of this world with a new freedom that rocks muchly. Every now and then I have to remind myself its not a sports car - but thats nigel's fault for being too generous with his funky car :)

But its great to be able to offer ppl lifts and pay back all those years of lift karma, and to be more independant and to take ppl on wonderfully exciting adventures :)

late nite openings

We start late night openings at work again next week and this runs for three weeks. What it basically means is we all have to take turns to work overtime til 9pm at nite - so the upstairs labs will be open.

Last time I had to do this a few ppl came and visited and did wonderful things like bring pizza :)

Its the most incredibly dull job, and in my quest to earn overtime money I've volunteered to do it monday and wednesday nites....

Don't suppose anyone feels like coming to visit while I'm working (okay sitting around bored waiting til 9pm so i can close up)???

it would be appreciated :)