May 13th, 2002


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Feeling happy, feeling loved, feeling wonderful!

Happiest tiggrr ever!

Japanese feast on Friday nite cooked by the wonderful Amber :) Much okinomiyummi!

Went rollerblading on saturday, ohh sore legs, but so much fun. Skating along the esplanade very pretty very fun very salty and sandy :)

Sunday going to the Aquarium - fishy tyoe goodness, jelly fish seas horses and crustations, and where is arwen when you need her :)

Then onto the Dan for drinks and live music and dancing and general jolity :)

And did i mention I'm feeling happy? and vaguely warm and squishy and purry :)

Working 12 hours today -urgg..late shift - just keep reminding my self - I am getting paid alot to do so.

And Dr Who on the puters to watch and entertain oneself with BBC production values.

Things you don't need on a monday morning - being woken up at 7am, although there was airport kisses to make up for it. Then arriving at work - to discover CPU failure on one of the main work servers, so waiting on company to send us parts - in the mean time there are students asking why the internet doesn't work every five minutes. Mothers phoning wanting new computers....time to get out the green guide and pick a bargin, prolly but a commision on it :)

bleah - sleepy tiggrry goodness, didn't get much sleep this weekend, and it was a very activity filled weekend, and its times that i remember how dependant on reading I am for sanity, I prolly got only about 10/15mins worth of reading in for the whole weekend - and it wasn't enough, and my body is telling me this...


Did i mention I feel happy, even if the server is broken...