May 15th, 2002


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Bloody stupid phone companies, why oh why are they the hardest servie provided to deal with. gas, electiricty, water all very simple and easy - what makes phone companies so difficult. I'm currently on the phone to telstra. I've been talking to Optus about reducing the amount I pay on my mobile phone bill...because i really don't use it that much but keep getting $70+ phone bills, when I'm making around $30 worth of phone calls a month. And if I want to cancel handset insurance I have to fax them,,,sheesh, not going out of their wayt to make it easy.

Anyway - now its telstra, and I'm phoning them to find out how i can reduce my telstra bill, I mean seriously, I'm spending more amonth on equipment charges and service fees than I am on phone bills, its all getting a little silly really. Of course in trying to ring telstra it means I've already been on hold for 20mins, lets see how much longer it takes, and there hold music sucks...

gosh only 37 minutes - except now i am being transferred to sales and so back on hold - bleah
Now I think I've just been tranferred to a higher line rental service charge but cheaper calls..shrug - its all kind of confusing.
I'm still spending more on service charges then on phone calls shrug.

Poll time - Mobile phones, who is on optus (yes time), who is on telstra (capped calls to telstra mobile phones after x time from land line) and who is on what other phone companies?

Oh - I am apparently seeing Star Wars - Attack Of the Clones tonite :)

Shall i tell you all if its crap or not?

Random thoughts about the universe. Partly from the book I just read, and partly for madi's post on politics awhile ago. We have the resources to make sure everyone in this world has a decent standard of living, the only thing that prevents this is human nature, people are selfish and greedy and look to their own comfort first. Thinking of madi's question about the would you provide accomdation for an escaped refugee - and i can really only think of a couple of ppl that would say yes... We don't like to admit to the ugliness in ourselves, but its there...

Shrug - another poll, whats more important, personal happiness or the happiness of the world....?

I don't know how to make the world a better place, do you?

I want to enjoy walking and eating and dancing and reading and being with friends and having fun...

I don't suppose anyone feels like house sitting and cat sitting for me while i go to canberra - i have a good book, comic, video and dvd collection?

Party time!

Its time for a midwinter party.

Morgan and Kate and Skud, I expect at least an IRC conversation to happen at some point during the party!

And Arty - I expect you to bring some music funky man :)

"The secret of happiness is to be healthy, well fed and loved."
"Dream - Awaken to Reality!"

Midwinter approaches, the coldest and darkest time of the year.
So the best way to fend off the darkness is good food and good friends.

Party at my place!

I will provide Hot Soup, Fresh Bread, hopefully a fire, ice and maybe
some beer, given I've just been told beer has a use by date :)

Place - My place! - email me for the address
When - 7pm Saturday the 22nd of June, 2002
Why - Midwinter

Who to bring - you and anyone else you know I like, or you think I may like. In
other words feel free to pass this invite on to people I know.

What to bring - yourself, something warm, something to drink, any toys for playing with fire, people are also asked to bring something small, foodish and yummy to share if they feel like it.

Hope to see you there!


I'm looking back to my weekend and realising I had a really really good weekend which i just condensed down to about 4 sentences...

Which doesn't seem really fair, but then again nigel wrote a much better review than I did- so maybe i should just talk about feelings instead..

I'm not very good a patience - and this seems to be a recurring theme in my life at the moment, the rune stones told me to be patient, the tarot cards told me to be patient, my work place wants me to be patient, and well....I'm still having trouble finding free time...

so things to be patient for
Getting better - don't rush it, take it easy, you don't want to over do it.
getting a new job - waiting on uni time...
september - lease runs out and have freedom with reguards to where i want to be.
New friends - developing a number of closer friendships with a number off people at the moment, and don't want to be too enthusiastic, over stay my welcome..
New boy - take things as they go, one day at a time, don't rush stuff, be patient...stupid different cities.

So yeah - lots and lots of things that council patience, and living one day at a time and living in the now.

I'm not very good at patience as I have said. I'm also not so good at just relaxing and seeing what happens. I like to be in control, I like things to have structure and to be organised and to make plans and to know what is going to happen next...

So the next few months are going to be a very interesting time for me. I need to sit down, relax not think about the future or planning what happens next. I've got a deadline at least - i get to make real decisions in september - but I'll have to wait til then and see what happens in the next few months.

winter is coming soon....I'm starting to get pretty nervous about winter. I get depressed in winter - its called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It happens to lots of people, and in my world, I'm also worried that the cold weather will play havoc with my arthritis which is slowly going away - i don't want to relaspe.

Maybe thats why the midwinter party - celebrate winter as a plan, rather than get depressed.

I'm spending the first week of winter in canberra - this could be a bad idea, given last time i was in canberra in winter it snowed. The weather in Melb this autumn has been wonderful (making up for such a crap summer) But I'm told its getting pretty cold in canberra recently...

Oh - those people that i am staying with in canberra - do your houses have heating?? Cos if not....

Oh thats it - talking about feelings, not winter... ummm yeah... so this new boy thing... its been a long time since I had a new boy... Madi never really was a boy, and that happened so fast, and its basically been casual sex with friends since i broke up with madi, there has been a few girls I've been interested in a flirting with, I even got to play with one of them, but that went nowhere - I guess i got to excited to soon... And there is another girl I'm vaguely interested in at the moment - but thats been one date so far...and just chatting in clubs... shrug...

I like this one, I really do a lot - which is kind of obvious to anyone who has been around me for the past few weeks, as I've done this big goofy grin thing..

It's taken quite a while to get to this point, an awfully long period of flirting and trying to figure out if there was mutual interest... And now I'm kind of bouncey about it, and kind of nervous, a little frustrated due to the why can't i find a decent somebody in the same city as me, I've been there, done that before....and very excited at the possibilities...

Now do I ask ppl to guess - or is it blatantly obvious as to who I'm talking about....


How's that for personal content on a live journal???? huh?
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