May 16th, 2002


Star Wars II - Attack Of The Clones

Rocked! lots!

George Lucas did not disapoint me. The Phantom Menace was a kids movie, this one wasn't. I went in expecting a cheesy B grade movie with some pretty special effects and got much much more

Yup - I'm a little excited - and its too late right now to phone anyone and babble at them.

I want a Samuel L Jackson with a purple light sabre for my birthday :)

Will post a real review in the morning :)
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starwars ep2 review

Copied from my review in acg

>Will post a real review in the morning :)
Well Neef thought it was designed for an ADD kid...*shrug* I hadn't thought of it like that - but yeah maybe... that said I still loved it - what that says about me I don't know.

I'm going to try an avoid spoilers (we all know how it ends anyway) So I won't discuss plot, more just discuss my impressions sets costumes if that counts as a spoiler for you - don't read any further.



I was expecting a cheesy B grade movie and was pleasantly suprised. The worst bit was the stupid promo bit the ppl did before the movie with the whole - first showing in Australia and are you excited and here some twee trivia and prizes

That said they did show the movie without any adverts or previews :)

I love a crowd who appreciated a movie, with the ohh's and the ahhh's and applause and cheering :)

This movie was not the children's movie that the phantom menace was. Its much more adult in tone and plot, and darker as well. I'm glad that
it followed the lead of return of the jedi with a darker ending as well rather than a cheesy hollywood ending.

Wether you like this movie depends what you like in a movie really, pretty special effects, very very funky score and explosions and light sabre battles and dark ending weork for me :)

And hell it was a star wars movie, once the intro music starts and the words start rolling up the screen my heart starts beating faster.

Bits of it had me rolling my ideas - i see plenty of opportunities for great call backs. The soft focus field of daisies love scenes were prehaps a little over done - But hey Padme's costumes rocked
and were much better than last time. Some of them made me think that the costumer from Original series Star Trek was having a say but anyway :) There were bits that felt like a computer game - pick the bit that reminded me of Commander Keen?

Yoda looks weird CGI, should be a muppet I think

But yeah - and awful lot of plot, a whole pile of connections being made, so really funky manuvouring, Jango and Boba Fett! A light sabre fight with Yoda! A full on battle with Jedi Knights and Droids! Shiny swishy exploding mechanical far too much CGI - but boy did the sets look good.

And Samual L Jackson with a purple light sabre :)

Hell - its not a work of high art by any stretch of the imagaination, but its a really fun romp

Thats what I wanted, fun! and thats what I got :)

Hobbes (now can I have a samual l jackson for my birthday?)

A few other things - i really really want to phone ppl and bounce at them after this movie, but roie said it was too late to call anyone unless they are in america - cept I didn't know morgan's number - but he would have understood the phone call.