May 17th, 2002


muffin of the day

Is chocolate, pear and ginger.

So I brought this computer last nite you see, its
a pretty nice piece of hardware - quite cheap :)
Highly specced, and one thing that brought down the price is that it didn't come with any software, so micro$haft get no money from me :)

So I get it home, unpackage it (very slowly due to
certain distractions :) switch it on - get distracted for a minute missing the hit delete to get to bios button and next thing i know there's a win 98 splash screen in front of me..

I think someone fucked up - now next question - do i tell the shop that I've got a free windows? or M$ :)

Got an email from a wondering womble about an IMAX show i simply must see - who wants to come to IMAX with me?
3D space stations!

In a good mood today :) verylisa wont let me bribe her. But I'm sure i can think of something. Lunch was crap, but my friends are wonderful.

Madi is plotting embarrasment on a mass scale.
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So I changed my medication a week ago, skipped taking Arava for a week - but that was my fault for getting lazy...

I'm down to two salzoprozin a day, and toying with the idea of going back up to three, because I've been feeling more pain again recently - maybe its due to the amount of exercise I've been getting, the lack of sleep and the fact melb seems to have figured out its nearly winter and started acting like it.

The point being - I'm starting to feel real pain again... twinges and uncomfortableness and I wish to god i could be pampered and get a back rub type pain.

Not really severe pain - but an annoyance strong enough to start me reaching for painkillers.

Now part of me is going - no don't take painkillers, must build up tolerance to pain, deal with it you wuss.

And the nice ppl in the hospital said - take painkillers, why suffer pain when you don't have too.

So now I'm vaguely worried - i got all happy, and now it looks like winter might be up to its usual tricks...hell - I'll take pain in winter, if i can be healthy the rest of the year

but fuck it - i don't want the pain - and i have magic pills to take it away

I knew the beginning of winter was a bad time to change my medication - but its easy enough to go back to the old dosage

Should I be strong - or should i take the blue pill?
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