May 20th, 2002


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I'm not sure i want to post - i think i just want to use my funky new icon :)

This weekend - well, so much for the nice quiet weekend not doing much, spending some me time, and cleaning and so on...

Friday nite - had a couple of friends over, managed to break shiny new computer - that has to be a record, and spent far far to long on the phone. Sundays resolution - start being more sensible with phone use - because i hate paying bills.

Saturday - Went to this hippy enviromental anti logging type rally thing, It was a bit strange really, I'm not really much of one for political activism, especially at that sort of rally which is essentially preaching to the converted already.
I much prefer more subtle forms of activism, as in education and changing what you can change and so on..
The other thing being - I was quite tired, hadn't really slept, and more suseptible than usual to the mood of the crowd - and it was a seriously weird vibe, going from excited to sad, and the fact that very few ppl got into the bands really suprised me..

Some of the speakers were very good, some of the info was interesting, educational and depressing, however rhetoric just shits me..

Lunch/dinner - got to see someone trip and spill hot soup all over themselves at ongs, it wasn't very funny, its a bit hard to tell if it was an accident, but she can obviously blame ong's for the fact the tiled floor there is a little slippery....sore knee...

Games, and vids at nat and andrews, got to show
Muppet Treasure Island to ppl for the first time.
And I won at Cataan! I rock at Cataan!

Sunday - woken up but sun shining, and due to the fact winter seems to have set in in melb -

and have to log off this computer and move upstairs
stay tuned for part 2