May 23rd, 2002


this day

Truck of the Day - Big Truck with illustrated tarp, Big Sign saying WELL HUNG.. little letters underneath indicated they meant doors...

Stupid Question of the Day - Why do some car's have the little strappy bit dangling down underneath and some don't? I know its something to do with grounding the car...but not sure how or why... so yeah - want to know

Vague Thought for the Day - Would by car rego and insurance be cheaper in Canberra then Melbourne? I mean I know it would be cheaper if done at my parents address, and Canberra is sort of a small town...

My mindset for the day - my brain is working to much, it keeps picking up random ideas, playing with them and putting them down before I actually achieve anything.

One of my dream's last nite involved the Camarilla character I used to play in Melbourne back when it first started... oceans of hot chocolate fudge and smiling cushions

So - what happens next?