May 24th, 2002


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So whats the protocol for discussing someone you know doesn't read here... is that like bitching behind someones back and bad form?...

Tiggrr has got lots and lots of thinking to do..and I'm not very good at putting it off..
I'm worried about being in debt, and I'm worried about some off my friends, and I am worried about what happens next and I am worried about boy getting scared and running away, i'm worried that I might get shitty at work and snap at my boss and i want to know whats happening next at work

I don't really want to worry...i want to not think about things and take life as it comes and see what happens next approaching the universe with an I'll take what you throw at me attitude


Writing things down makes them clearer - but some stuff i have to write elsewhere

Okay = silly frivilous survey question time?

Should I move to Canberra? The more silly and selfish your answers and reasons the better :)

currently megan is winning the best answer prize

Real reasoning behind thought... It's one I've had for about two years now... I was kind of stagnating for awhile so I wanted a change...I'm over the stagnation phase, but i still think my life needs to be shaken up. There are lots of ppl I know and like in canberra...I think i wouldn't get too bored for awhile....I still only see it as a temporary thing - like for a year or two. I would really like to live with Madi again - she makes a great flatmate - even if the handfasted things didn't work, i still think we are pretty good friends.

I can think of another good temptation to move to canberra - but I'm trying very hard not to think about that one when thinking about my decision....
I'm going to have to face it at some point... but prolly not on Live Journal :)

Ignore me...I just got my depo shot and am full of hormones... I bet madi knows how i feel
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So its Friday evening and I'm sitting at home, why am I sitting at home on a friday...well, Ihad the option to go out..but really, I've been so frantically busy lately that i decided it was prolly a good idea to spend sometime to myself

So I'm sitting here installing drivers and software on the new computer for my parents - we have this funky cd that seems to have lots of useful bits of software on it - but i think i need to install winzip first to install it all...

Bleah still need to make that cd with netscape and ftp and winzip and tetris and all those little things you need when you install a new OS

That and rebooting lots - Why I why does windows need to be rebooted everytime you sneeze

Got lectured by a butterfly - that was interesting - butterflies can be suprisingly sensible when they try... the jist of it was essentially to stop worrying about logic and practicalities and just to go with what i want and what feels right.

I also got told to go back a read all nigel's posts and think about things as a third party..


books times and see if i get a call :)