May 26th, 2002


Journey of Man

So I went and saw Cirque du Soliel 3D at Imax - and boy did it rock. I've never seen the Cique du Soliel live, but i've seen several dvd's of their performances. The are impressive enought on the tv screen - 3D in Imax was mind blowing.

the most amazing scenery, makeup and acrobatics.

So now the moral or the new idea to enlight the mind.

I reckon I have a good idea of the secret of happiness. Next I need the secret of life.

Dreams, faith and love. That is the Destiny that awaits us - sort of quoted from the movie..

Dreams to give us visions, wonder, emotion,goals and hope.

Faith to give us strength to achieve those dreams, something to believe in, something to hold to.

Love to keep us and hold us, provide company, share dreams and faith, and to keep us living.

This is the mission, the hope and the destiny.

This all kind of paraphrases thoughts expressed in the Journey Of Man.

Its a nice idea. What can i dream, what do i believe in, and the third..well, we just have to wait and see...


Watching Truman Show on TV, I know I got told to hire it and watch it without ads, but as you can see, I'm really just not concentrating much on the telly, and typing and thinking, and wondering if anyone worth talking to will get on irc.

Not overly sociable feeling today - but online chats are different.

Went to chocfest, yummy! The IMAX show was definately the highlight of the weekend, went to a party with a kids theme, dressed in pj's with tiggrr slippers, a balloon and pony tails. Not everyone dressed up... and that was a bit dissapointing, I remember parties were pretty much everyone would make an attempt to costume.... I still like playing dress-ups.

Was supposed to watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead on dvd with christina, but decided to take advantage of me time today. Re-read Ender's Game.

Thinking, thinking lots, but all pretty much good thoughts