May 30th, 2002


Canberra plans

Mike emailed this out - I don't know who too :)

Brunch this Saturday :)

the current plan is to meet at the chessboard in
civic at 11am, and then to move on to somewhere else
so we can have good food, coffee and company.

many ppl have rules essen out as a place to eat,
so now we are on the lookout for a new place.
suggestions are welcome

So who from canberra here is going to be there?

(no subject)

So I do a little rant in the computer lab after throwing out shit loads of print outs that have not been claimed.

A little rant about wasting paper and old growth forests and wood chipping

A couple of the girls smile at me and look like maybe they agree, a couple of the guys give me dirty looks, or a sort os shut up and fill the printer up with paper sort of look.

Bloody engineers.

I get at least one student a week complaining that the recycled paper we use in the labs isn't 'white' enought to print their final project/resume/application letter on. bah. Who wants to work for a company that would reject your application on the grounds you used recycled paper on your application...humbug

I'm a big fan of making the printing costs here more expensive - currently its 10cents a page - making it more expensive might make students think twice about printing reams of shite.

But imagine the protests we would get if we made printing more expensive.


Who care's about the planet when you have projects due and exams looming


On the other hand - Someone was trying to tell me that Reflex was evil, even their recycled paper is still evil, and not made from 100% recycled like they claim... anyone know the truth or some prophaganda there?

We already pay more to buy recycled paper than we would to buy new paper - and Renew is the cheapest brand... if thats evil too recycled paper becomes not affordable...