June 4th, 2002



And its taken me this long to get a net connection - big thanks to mikey for being generous with his dialup :)

Happy tiggrr! happy tiggrr! happy tiggrr!

The urge to move keeps getting stronger - there these beautiful mountains surrounding me - its very very fucking cold tho - I'd need a whole new qwardrobe and a house with central heating and gas stoves :)

I think i may be in love - but shhh don't tell anyone - its a secret :)

I've been running around like a mad thing here and there seeing everyone and snuggling up at night after socialising

Madi's play rocked - I love getting to see madigrrl again - She's currently this mix of excited on the weekend but now being mopey - cheering up will have to occur - good thing i have this gin here :) I'm really happy still to have madi company - even if she does keep interupting my posting and nagging :)

Getting closure with Mikey was far less painful then I expected - and am looking forward to fridays party. Horse riding rocked - even if it was cold and didn't go very fast or for long - i was kind of nervous so it was a good introduction for me and going out again will be fun.

The ppl here - most of them are wonderfully friendly - given I'm someone they don't see very often. - some more friendly than others *evil grin*

I could learn to appreciate the look of this city - the trees and parks and mountains and people and build something of a social life here - the cold and lack of good cafe's are a bit of a deterent tho...

So now madi is wandering around looking bored - so I should get off line

I get to pick boy up from work in about 3 hours tho - and he's wearing a suit today! *evil grin*

Yup - life is good