June 11th, 2002



So I'm back

Back in Melbourne and back at work

I'm not sure what happens next - but pretty happy to let fate decide.

Fuck you are all a verbose lot of friends - what happens when i stop reading LJ for a few days - I have far to many reams of posts to work through

I have some excellent photo's - and some wonderful conversations and experiences from my trip.

I've even got a really cute photo of me and boy which i'll put up for ppl to go 'awww' at - or vomit whatever works for you :)

pic here

So what did i do - well i covered some off that in my last post.

Spending lots of time with Madi was good - evenb if she is depressed, its good to try and be there to keep her entertained, that said i've also been IRC'ing alot with madi lately. It's funny right, you see Madi was a huge part of my life for 3+ years - we got handfasted and everything, and then things went to shit, and even tho it was all friendly, it was really reather akward and with these painful horrible feelings getting in the way like guilt and regret and all. And now madi is all depressed and going through big changes, and even though we never stopped being friends it was all a bit distant and akward and uncertain, and the last couple of times I went to canberra I've been spending time with madi and really enjoying that time and that closeness without the horrible regret and guilt type feelings. You see me and Madi became a couple before we became friends and that screwed some things up, I feel more like a close friend and thing now and its nice...
Its been close to two years now, but i think closure on that relationship is here, and we can get on with the business of being close friends and supporting each other and having fun and drinking gin!

Boy, boy, boy - I'm not really sure what to say - anyone who saw us together prolly formed thier own judgements - you tell me what you thought?
Sorry if anything appeared overly gushy
I really like this one and having lots of fun

So this move to canberra theory...hmmm... The move in with Madi is really rather tempting, the view is stunning, I spent a fair bit of time wandering around to myself and admiring the colours and the mountainy bits, but then I spent a fair bit of time going ' fuck its cold'. Being closer to boy and not having to count sleeps til i get to see him next is definately tempting, that said after several times counting on my fingers i still can't figure out how many sleeps it is, and am now confused.

Here's an idea. I'll leave it up to fate. I've finally got a PD for the job I want - I get to write an application and apply for it this week. Its the webmaster one at work I've been talking about for ages. So I'll wait and see if i get that or not and if i don't I'll think seriously about moving :)

So home again from canberra and many many kitty hugs - I think my children missed me - jumble slept curled up with me all night last nite - usually he comes in for a bit and wanders off again, its nice to have a kitten to sleep with. My cats didn't even do the you left us we are going to ignore you for awhile so you suffer and feel bad thing that cats often do - it was straight for the cuddles and pats.

Went to Marysville for the cottage opening - admire my html http://jeamland.net/tamson/. Its a friend of mines new business and I did the website for it - the website needs a little more work but i think it looks good.

Marysville is this wonderful little town outside of Melboune, very pretty and very fun. Lots of ppl were there it was a funky party - there was much to eat and drink, and many photo's to take and much Morris Dancing which was a bit of a worry, but there was also some live musicians and much music and dancing and spectacle was made up and down the main street of Marysville. Good people, good food, good time - and much nesting in front of real fire places :)

On Monday I got driven up a mountain to Stevensons Falls, this huge big waterfall - it was glorious, coming of the side of a mountain - apparently its something like 84 meters high, and had a little pool at the bottom surrounded in ferns with water splashing into - just like the ones you see naked chicks showering under and bathing in in certain movies. It looked lots like that secret place one has in one's brain to escape to to me.. At night its floodlit - and i must go up there and see it after dark one night.

Some of the people i was there with found an injured sulpher crested cockatoo with a broken wing, so it was caught and put in a box and taken to healsville animal sanctuary were they will fix its wing and release it back into the wild - yeah for healsville! yeah for zoo.org.au!

So long post - where am i - I'm back in melbourne - I've had even more reminders as to what a beautiful world I live in, I have some of the funkiest friends, I have very loving kittens, I have a job application to write and I think its 10 more sleeps!
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