June 12th, 2002


little bitch

So I just had a bit of a discussion with my boss, in between talking about spiderman and getting drunk in nightclubs, my desire to get this web job and my boredom with my current job were expressed.

I am now less enthusiastic about the likelyhood of me getting this web job. But not overly concerned - if i don't get it - I can move or make the decision to move a lot more simpler.

see still positive side

Now I'm grumpy - cos i was expecting lots of overtime to arrive in my pay packet - and allow me to pay off various debts and catch up on the over spending i did going to canberra - but it didn't come through - maybe next payday - groan - now I'm going to be late with my rent payments.

Really kind of grumpy with work - thats a boredom and lack of challenge factor - rather than an unpleasant place to work thing.

My life needs change now!
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