June 13th, 2002



So I'm getting my books signed by Joe Haldeman - for those of you who don't know the name - Joe Haldeman is an SF author, best known for his novel Forever War, but he has written smeg loads of other stuff and is definately one of my favourites.

So getting my books signed - a large pile of my books, plus some copies of Forever War, one from Mikey, one from Nigel.

He opens the first book - Mikey's book - and reads the inscription on the front page "To mikey, one of my favourite SF books for you, happy midsummer, from renee" Smiles, says 'thats sweet, and signs the book, then he signs Nigel's copy. Then looks suprised at the large pile of my books, some of them quite obscure and out of print and hard to find. And starts signing them, He finds my copy of 'Mindbridge' And see's the inscription, "to Renee, found this, thought you might like it, from Mikey" - Smiles - looks up at megan and asks "Who's Mikey?" Megan responds "A friend of Renee's", He then asks "Who's Nigel?", Megan responds with "Renee's boy". He smiles a evil grin, and asks "Does Nigel know about Mikey?"

Megan laughs at this point.

I have all my books signed by Joe Haldeman - one of them twice - because it was bookplated when i got it, and I have a new book - a collection of Haldeman short stories!

I am happy, and I have a funny ancedoct!
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a writing experiment

Joe Haldeman has an exercise he gives to his writing students.

his words

"I ask them to write for 5 or 10 minutes about the earliest childhood memory they can recall. I ask them to try and remember an actual incident rather than just a "sense of place" which is what most ppl come up with."

He then goes on to explain why

"There must be some reason they remember this incident rather than some other one, something important to them in later life, so it's a logical springboard for a story"

He then tells an ancedoct about a student who's earliest memory turned out to be a false memory that seemed real as it was a favourite family story and oft told, even though it didn't actually occur.

Okay - my turn

My earliest clear memory is of me and my grandmother, I'm a small child sitting in the front seat of my grandparents car. It was a big old green car, with leather seats - which were really sticky in summer. The smell is of cigarette smoke and nanna.

So thats the sense of place

Now the situation, we are at the train station in Lake Boga (back when the train still stopped in Boga) And we are waiting for the train, I know we are waiting for my mother and my new baby sister.

Strangely enough that's the extent of the memory, I have no idea why I remember it so clearly, I don't remember the train arriving or my mother getting off the train. I do know - or have learnt since that my mother was away as she had been attending her mothers funeral. I stayed at Nan and Pop's house, Jo (my sister) went with mum as she was just new born, which means I must have been about three.

No early memory really sticks out, and i have a number of vague memories from pre-school, but thats after this one. I am happy for ppl to suggest why I may remember this?

Okay - thats my turn

It's your turn now!
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