June 14th, 2002


bored and figety

I'm the only person at work today - that was bad planning on somebodies part. Oh two of them did a half day but left at lunch time.

This means I'm sitting upstairs at james desk, getting my back hurt by bad ergonomics and being rather bored, and unable to leave early and do the washing and cleaning I have to do.

There is a party to go to tonite. Its a bit soggy to do my usual firestick thing at - but its a performance party so i have to do something....
Hmm...maybe I should make chocolate sauce and cover ppl in it... thats performance right??? I've asked thorfy to bring his cleaver.

I had mexicana pizza for lunch - with SSOOOOO much chilli, it was very hot, good, almost to much, but yum! ANd then half a packet of mint slice biscuits - who is a little fatty!

I've written my job application and printed out some party invites for next weeks party - yes i know thats late notice - but i emailed everyone weeks ago - and now i have paper ones to hand out.
I still have a fuck load of cleaning to do.

My oven and heater still aren't working - cold causes pain - as does my overwhelming desire for apple crumble, which isn't happening due to a lack of oven... I have a plumbers number now tho - so i can call and demand my heater be fixed ASAP. My real estate agent is good, even if my landlord is crap.

I need to learn to control my cravings better.

New Joe Haldeman book! yeah!

I have been messaging boy with random distracting messages most of the afternoon - but he isn't responding, which i'm guessing means he is busy and trying to concentrate and just cos I'm bored doesn't mean i should demand attention...

I've been talking to madi lots of irc instead and gossiping about friends.

hmm...laundry to do... I want my new washing machine now daddy!

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