June 15th, 2002


can i fly?

I would like to point out right now that i have such an amazingly talented bunch of friends. Song, Comedy, Magic, Dance, Music, Poetry and more. So I went to a performance party and I admit to being astounded by the standard of performances I saw. Lots of ppl had prepared assorted acts for our entertainment. Various ppl performed all sorts of funky thing including original songs and stuff they had written themselves. I began to feel guilty that i hadn't prepared a funky piece, I could have acted or recited something. But I didn't, I just took along the old firestick and threw flames around as i tend to do at the slightest provocation.

Georgie came and twirled with me - and Amber did a bit of fire breathing, and well ppl always seem to like watching the fire spin around, so i guess it wasn't too bad..

Anyway - the more exciting bit - a second piece of performance art i was involved in that astounded some ppl and gave a few something new to think about..

I have a new set of angel wings on my back - all pretty carved red lines, all red and tingly and feels great. With a blindfold and my wrists tied together and a charming young man getting his first experience at being a brace (ie something to hold me up and something to hold onto in the absence of a cross) And a little leatherman knife and a lovely asian boy with long black hair wielding the sharp pointy things!

Wooo! Who needs drugs when you can have endorphines.

I was a little excited afterwards - there was much shaking and hugging - my back still feels nicely sore - AND I HAVE WINGS!

getting red for a silver party

So the real question is - do i wear the red sequined dress and do the betty page thingy?
or do I wear the little school skirt with the silver top and tie? Or do I wear my big white dress with my silver heels? or do i wrap myself in a sheet of silver material like a sari? or or or
corsetry and a black tutu with silver wrap?

decisions decision - and what won't put to much pressure on my back?

Wouldn't life be easier if the hardest decisions where the 'what to wear' ones :)
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