June 17th, 2002


monday superday vagueday

So I've just come back from lunch - instead of discussing or respective leave times and what we did - it turned into a discussion of family and dementia and death that was all a little depressing... *shrug*

Full of food tho!

So Party - I wore the little red sequined dress, my silver heel's, stockings, feather boa, angel wings on back, and my big black fur coat for when it gets cold. There was gin, and mandarin absolut vodka, and tequila body shots with a few cute girlies. There was some fun flirting, and a little dancing, a few trauma's (happening to other ppl, but i was being sympathetic) there was a gushy phone call to boy, and some alchol flavoured chocolate sauce to smear on body parts like wrists and necks for kissing.

it was fun TM - I ended up heading home at 6am to the delight to my kittens.

Sunday I feel all proud of myself - much much cleaning was done, much rubbish was placed outside, the messy bit behind my kitchen door which has been there since i moved in is now no more, there is more water in my fishtank, there is a clean kitchen (cept for the dishs I still have to do) a clean bathroom and a clean lounge room, there is a new washing machine in the bathroom thanks to georgie and thorfy (hooray) and so laundry was done as well. The washing machine has weird incomprehensible symbols on it that i have no idea what they mean - I may do laundry i may summon chulthu I'm not sure...

I'm glad the cleaning has been done, I've been putting it off - and now i feel acomplished. I have only the two bedrooms to tidy now. I may take friday off work...

Its 4 more sleeps til i see my boy!!!

And I have much party preparation to do.
So who will I see on saturday??