June 18th, 2002


joy and thanks

There was a post on LJ a little while ago, asking about joy rather than angst, and wether we analyse or happiness the way we do our sadness.

I post my share of sad and happy stuff.

But I feel the need to post my thank yous as well.

Its a joy in my life currently to be able to move. To be able to dance and bend my knees and stretch and go horse riding and rollerblading and simply to wake up in the morning and forget to take my medication because the pain isn't bad enough to remind me.

Movement rocks - and you don't realise how much fun walking and bending can be until you haven't been able to.

Thanks to everyone really. Thanks to Christian and my doctor Vicki for helping me believe that i could get better. Thanks to all the support I've gotten from all my friends, especially Nat, Jess, Amber and Cam for sharing my joy up mountains, in parks, in zoo's and everywhere. Thanks to Boy for making me really happy - non stressed, just happy tiggrr is really good for health.
Thanks to Madi for talking to me on IRC almost daily at the moment - your presence back in my life means alot.

Also - Thanks to ppl like Mike and Dave who coped so much shit last year when i was all depressed and not coping and needed a shoulder to cry on and rant at, I can never repay that. Thanks to my ex-flatmates (i know at least one of them reads here - hi liz) for putting up with me last year - I must of been hell to live with. Thanks to Megan and Neef and Morgan for saying the right thing when it needed to be said, and for knowing that you would be there if needed, I never used that much, just the knowledge it was there was enough.

Thanks to those ppl who asked questions and were genuine in wanting to understand the answers.

I hope you share my joy
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