June 20th, 2002


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I only really have one thing to say

$2 pints - of some english beer called 'dog's bollocks'
it was suprisingly drinkable for cheap beer :)

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Another quick one

I'm having a party on Saturday nite - its a midwinter party at my place - iffen you are on my friends list - email me for details - I posted awhile ago - but shrug

Hope to see you there :)


How do i feel...

Bored tired, like i have stuff to do, like all that time i just spent installing NT on pieces of crap was a waste of fucking time and why can't the fuckers get there act together and at least get my a net connection in the dungeon I'm working in.

So I'm not enjoying my little overtime paid work in civ eng. Its boring dull, bits of it a complex and sooo bbadly organised its very difficult to get anything achieved.

My biggest smile of the day - Madi calling my up to say she's prolly going to fail her maths test - but describing in detail what she is wearing to it - so thats okay :) As long as you know what to wear everything else will work out.

I think I have to go home now and clean house some more - I still have to clean my bedroom (mainly a case of putting everything away) and the spare room (so there is room to move) A nap sounds real good now.

I think I'd like some hugs now but madi is off being dressed up and not on irc, and boy is not paying attention to goofey

I don't like work this week.

I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous about party - life's like that...

A nice strange man just gave me a handful of terry's orange chocolate however - so i guess things aren't that bad :)
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