June 24th, 2002


#1 Me, Boy and Plans

I have three entries to write - one about my party and one about me and boy and plans and one is for kate and morgan - I think its easiest to separate them rather than one long post.

this is #1

*soppyness warning*

Boy..umm..oh..boy, the words keep being said 'oop's i wasn't meant to fall for you, that wasn't in the game plan, its just supposed to be a bit of fun' oops - no - no oops - I'm damn glad this has happened, who care's if it was the plan or not..this boy rocks, this boy is special and I feel priviledged to be allowed to love him.

Its a weird sort of relationship - following no standard pattern or timing - just these short intense bursts as we manage a weekend together everynow and then - separated by phone calls and regular words on goofey (instant messaging thingy)

I don't know what will happen - but I've got a good feeling.

My current plan - okay - the actual plan is to wait until after i see if i get this web job or not - but what i currently feel will happen.

Madi is moving to melbourne for awhile - madi is going to live with me and this will be a good thing I feel - i will have company and madi will have her own space to grow and get her head together and my kittens get a new playmate - yeah - 3 children.

I'm going to have to drive to canberra and pick up madi and mal at some point - unless anyone knows of any cars coming down to melb?

After September I get to start applying for jobs in Canberra - and me and madi will move back to canberra - I will be in the same city as Aveline, and Madi and Mikey and Boy :) And these are the ppl i feel closest too at this point.

Anyone know of any good web jobs going in canberra?

Then again I might not - but this seems a workable plan at the moment.

I've left boy at the airport at 8.30 this morning, i got a little teary as i left the airport... but i'll see him again soon.
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#3 - Kate and Morgan

Morgan and Kate - umm.. you win the surprise of the week award - my hugs and sympathy and support go out to both of you. I know Morgan well enough to believe he had a good reason, and even though I don;t know what it is...

Morgan - you have always been there for me - and i offer the same.

Kate - I've got a bottle of Bombay Sapphire at home with yours, mine and madi's name on it. please call me.
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#2 - Midwinter party

My midwinter party rocked.

I had a fantastic time - interesting mix of ppl
really good vibe, good friends, stupid amounts of food and I loved that i provided so much alchol for ppl to drink.

Got to frock up pretty, had angel wings carved into my back. Got to have some of my favourite ppl there and got to know a few more ppl better and got to catch up with some ppl I hadn't seen in forever. Some ppl were missing, but i didn't mind.

It was quieter that the midsummer - but that was what i wanted, and smaller group of ppl having a good time to help me celebrate

I sat on boy's knee and looked at an almost full moon, I toasted to friendship and love, I listened and sang along as jai and ivan played guitar.

I shared gin and beer and mead

I spent midwinter with close friends and it wasn't that cold or dark.


I also went and saw Space Station 3D at IMAX - very good call Morgan - WOW! Wow again and Wow
wow - go see it!

Also went to Dan and danced to Pat, must do this much more.
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