June 27th, 2002


lots o stuff

It's cold, its wet, its windy, its raining, I got fuck all sleep last night - read most of ReMix by jon courtney grimwood instead.

I also tried to replace lost info due to my journada's death - so i had to type all stuff back in - i got all the phone numbers of my mobile phone - now i need addresses and birthdays and email and stuff from ppl to replace all my lost info - so email me your details :)

I really should set up an email address book and I wish this update journal window used vim really i do.

So it's cold and I'm sleep depped and I'm actually working, not really because i have to, its make work cos I'm bored and feel like doing something, so i'm poking the website for ecr - the template sucks - but i'm kind of stuck with the melb uni template and web guidelines, so i'm just cleaning it up as much as possible rather than changing the look of the site - and making it easier to make new pages and admin..

I'm also feeling kind of good - despite all that.

madi is making soup, I'm really looking forward to her moving down so i can eat madi cooking again. I booked a plane ticket for her and mikey the other day - mikey's work has crap restricted access, so he just gave me his credit card number.
I had to book Madi's ticket under her legal name, and had to put the prefix Mr in - it didn't give me a choice not to.. and i tell you it felt really weird - i think i'm getting the hang of this pronoun game, I mean madi has always been madigrrl to me anyway - but its always been 'he is madigrrl' rather than 'she is madigrrl' and when it gets right down to it, when you ignore gender as much as i do anyone - thats not so tricky to get used too. Of course it depends on how much madi will let me play dress-ups :)

This then leads to the other discussion wher ei think about all the various partners I've had, and how gender has never been an issue - they are all just ppl.... and as thats the case why do i suddenly find myself with a boy. And this one is definately a boy - he even claims to be a straight boy which is a bit of novelty - although thorfy says if he is sleeping with me he can't be straight :) I'm curious as to why suddenly this has happened - the whole 'Boy' thing - its not a pet name I've ever used before, and i've definately heard it used in ways i don't like, and i know it can offend others - its the whole possesive and objectifing thing and i'm not sure. But for me it's not any of those negative things - its just a nickname like tiggrr or honey or whatever.. my little pet name and it seems appropriate..

Also - i went to this bar the other nite - and they didn't have girls and boys written on the toilet door, just painted pink and blue - I then wandered into the blue one - being the closest before it struck me that the colours were symbolic.. CLub UK wanted me to choose between Sid and Nancy... i know which i preferred :)

Hmm..anyone up for an indepth discussion on gender, identity and perceptions?

Okay - this very short 4 line post somehow turned into a long one - it wasnt meant too...
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sheep time

Now my name is to common and i don't use it on line much
Hobbes will get all calvin & hobbes hits
not sure about kitling

Renee is 'lovely, bubbly'?
Renee is worth a call.
Mistress Renee is out of business
Renee is a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent/Young Adolescent
Renee is a practical, steady and determined type.
Renee is all class.
Renee is Crying.

Hobbes is sometimes misunderstood.
Hobbes is perhaps the most complete materialist philosophy of the 17th century
Hobbes is the most successful kid strip since Peanuts.
Hobbes is packed away in abox
Hobbes is devoted almost entirely to his thought

Kitling is like a miniature Kit, somewhere between three and twelve inches
high, on a permanent sugar buzz and with the attention span of a gnat
kitling is going to leak all over his nice robes
kitling is kicking
kitling is born

Okay - This tiggrr is bored now
Vanity searchs don't work for me unless i put my name and vurt :)

friends of friends

and who is who?
I've been meaning to ask this for awhile

Now I understand if anyone wants to keep there anominity(sp?) but then why are you posting an oline diary :)

Okay - so i write my journal entrys and i read my friends pages - sometimes i go to a friends page and read their friends page - its a good way to discover new posters - or i'll see someone who replied to a comment of someone elses or whatever

And I don't always recognise the nick's - i know a lot of ppl have got on LJ and looked for me under hobbes - which is some other user altogether.. Kitling isn't a nick i use that often.

And ppl list me as a friend and i don't know who they are - or i prolly do but i dont recognise the nick - and not everyone puts there real name on the user profile.

SO this is a request
Who is on live journal that i know :)
whats their username and real name - or known by name :)

I'll post mine and i ask others to post theirs please..? prolly as posts rather than comments? sort of a who's who? or is this bad form to ask?