June 28th, 2002



I've got thermals on and jumpers and skirts and leggings and my big german army great coat, and black fluffy hat, and black fluffy scarf and black fluffy gloves and a really big umbrella and big stomping boots.

I spent lots of time this morning curled in my nest in my bed listening to the rain pour down. (okay and wishing boy was there)

RAINY RAINY RAINY RAINY still dark at 9am

Its okay tho - cos I'm going to the pub near uni for lunch that has big open fires and I'm going to sit in front a big real wood fire and eating yummerific vegetarian lasagna :)

gender identity and perception

Posted in response to a comment from meleah. I know this is sort of like using LJ as a newsgroup rather than a diary thingy - but i want the answers i'd get here - not in acg :)

Perception of gender is something that is programmed into us by society since birth. Dolls and pink for girls, trucks and blue for boys for example.

How does is effect us both on a conscious and sub conscious level?
How does it affect society as a whole, and how can the blurring of gender lines affect society?
How hard is that programming to overcome, and what techniques could be used?