July 1st, 2002


It's getting harder to be patient

Stuff is happening - lots of stuff. most of what is happening to me is all good stuff, and i'm pretty happy, and busy trying not to be concerned or worried or stress about anything - because stress is bad and leads to more painful arthritis.. I'm down to one salzoprozin tablet a day! (i was on 6 a day at the end of last year :)

But other stuff is happening around me - in my social group - there's good stuff and bad stuff and ppl hurting each other, and ppl being sad and people being happy, and ppl lying to other ppl and ugliness and beauty - I guess its just ppl being ppl really. But I'm being really suspetible to it - I mean I've always been an empath - but i think its been muted fora few years and now is coming back really strongly, and i'm not always sure how to cope - there are vibes i really don't want to be exposed to, but being there for people is something tiggrr's do, there are hundreds of things i want to share, good and bad. But sometimes its scary, and i wonder if i'd like to run and hide....

I like my world being scary and challenging - and i also want my world to be safe and secure - and i'm not sure if i can do both at the same time. What i do know - is its getting really really hard to put off my move or not move decision.

I know the current plan is to leave it to fate and see about this web job - but i'm getting impatient and bad at waiting.

Canberra could maybe be both - challenging and security (cos of some of the ppl there) and challenging cos its a whole new world and not my world and my people around me.

Melbourne is challenging - lots of stuff is happening for me at the moment, new friendships forming, old friendships growing closer and more intense, people to dance with, theatre to see, fishtanks to buy, knitting to learn and everything. But most of the ppl i love...are not in melb...

wah! horrible decision - and one i can't make - for i must stick to my plan of wait and see and not stress and not worry....

and i get to see madi in 3 more sleeps
and aveline and boy in 11 more sleeps

and who knows what will happen next...

girls own adventures

and i hate it when lj eats a post..

take two

I went on a treasure hunt this weekend!

We had a couple of ppl from our team pike at the last minute due to having that horrid flu thats going around. So we roped in Lirion and Christina and it was me and Nicky, an all girl team and proceeded to head forth bravely on an adventure!

We all costumed in school uniforms as school girls - as there was extra points for costuming and well, do i ever pass up an opportunity to costume. I got to wear a blue and green tarten pleated skirt, knee high white socks, a white shirt, green tie and black v-neck jumper with plaits in my hair. It looked great in my humble opinion :)

We met the treasure hunt nazi and got the list of things to do and find, and set off. It was a clue to find a location and once we found the location there was a search question and clues to find something at the location, 12 in all. There was also a list of things to find on the way - for example, a flyer, a business card, something red, something blue, a star etc etc.. So it was fun hunting for things as well as figuring out the clues and there was some really funky word games in the clues :)

We found all the locations and found lots of things in the find list! and it we finished first - which suprised us - and won! we didn't expect to win - it was one point difference between us and the team that came second :)

It was heaps of fun, I'll admit to being a bit apphrensive, i had no real idea what to expect, and was prepared to just to try and see what it was like. And was very glad i did decide to go play. It was a ACG (aus.culture.gothic) thing and run by a person called txxxpxxx - and i know she doesn't read here but thanks to her anyway.

And my new dvd just arrived - close encounters of the third kind - so i must go upstairs and test it now :)